Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Boy and His Toys

I get the TV and the computer today (along with all the housework) because my beloved is busy working on one of his toys. Yes, we bought the 1966 GTO on August 2, 2007, the first anniversary of Walker's Angel Day. He completely assured me that it was completely restored and would not require any additional work (or money)! Ha, how foolish of me to believe that silly statement. Now we have pulled the motor and transmission and had them rebuilt. Replaced the radiator, the starter and who knows what else he has "forgotten" to mention. It is pretty, but wasn't it hot in 1966? Vinyl seats and no air conditioning, hmmm...

We sold the last motorcycle and his jeep (another toy) to buy this beautiful car. He has been actually withering away from his sadness of not having a motorcycle. It has been FOREVER, the longest he has ever gone without having a bike (a whole 7 months). So needless to say this is our most recent purchase.

I know it is beautiful, but unnecessary. For those of you who are wondering where I sit, on the rear fender on a seat that has suction cups to keep it in place. Yea, my dream come true!!!
I have reminded him that 2009 is my year! I have no idea what I would like to purchase. Any suggestions???
What are your dream men's toys??

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