Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End of The Year

Being a new mom (again) I have been terrible at trying to keep up this blog. Our little man has been pretty high maintenance, but seems to be improving daily. The colic is reduced/gone, we still have a fussy period in the evening. The last two nights he has slept......11 1/2 hours!!! YEA~
Now I just have to sleep that whole time too, instead of waking up every 3 hours like we have been for the last 3 months.
He is getting 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 teaspoons of food in each bottle and eats 1 tablespoon of food by spoon once in the morning and once at night. This child is definately ready for real food.
Napping is still hit or miss, sometimes he sleeps for 45 min and sometimes for 3 hours. It is either in his crib or his swing. Hopefully, this will work itself out too.
He has been smiling on a regular basis and almost laughing out loud.
Colt and I went to Michigan the week before Christmas while Daddy went to Las Vegas for work. He did great on the plane and slept pretty well in his new environment.

Early Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma's house.
11 Weeks Old

Christmas Morning at Home
12 Weeks Old

Practicing tummy time
12 Weeks

Telling Daddy how excited he is to open all of those presents behind him.

We loved our first Christmas with a little one in the house. Next year he will be a little more into the whole holiday thing. We cannot wait to teach him the real reason for Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.
The Smith Family

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random December Pictures

We are growing at a fast rate of speed this month. We made our first long trip and hopped on a plane to Michigan for an early Christmas with my family. Colt did so well traveling, but mama is still tired and not ready for another venture for a few months.
We are excited for our first Christmas with a little baby in our house!! More pictures soon.

Hope God has blessed all of your families this holiday season~

Monday, December 6, 2010

9 weeks 3 days old

We went to the doctor this morning for a weight check because of the Zantac meds.
 Colt was 15 lbs!!! FIFTEEN pounds!
He is wearing a 6 month onesie and 3-6 month pants.
He is finally starting to feel better and we will start working on the sleep thing.
The doctor actually told us we could start cereal in his bottle at night.
Since he has issue throwing things up, we decided to wait and start in the morning instead of at night. If he keeps it down we will do at night.
He is getting 1/2 breastmilk and 1/2 Alimentum formula. He is eating between 5-6 oz a day.
My baby is HUGE!!

I meant to start taking him pictures every month to show growth, but got behind.
Hopefully, we will remember from here on out. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My big boy is still not sleeping very well so neither is mommy!! We went for his 8 week checkup and he was 13lbs 12oz, 23 1/4 inches long, almost exactly the same size as his brother was at 8 weeks. I finally decided that breastfeeding wasn't working for either of us anymore, so I am pumping and supplementing with formula. Of course, with his stomach issues/milk allergies we are on the high dollar formula, but it seems to be helping. He is still eating every 3 hours and takes about 5oz +/- at each feeding. We had up his dosage of Zantac to 1.4ml 3x a day. We just have to work on the whole sleeping thing!!!
We had our first Thanksgiving together and it was pretty uneventful.
We sported our Detroit Lions jersy (they lost again) and our 1st turkey day shirt. We had a small dinner and layed low. Things are slooooowly forming a loose schedule around here. Stayed tuned.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Time Flys

I cannot believe that Colt is almost 6 weeks old and I am pathetically lacking in computer time. Hence, the lack of posts. Although, in the middle of the night when I am holding a colicky screaming baby, I write many posts in my head. Then in the morning when I am completely sleep deprived and still have a crying screaming baby, the well edited post goes out the window. I digress....

Things have been as fulfulling and rewarding as they have been difficult and challenging. We are EXTREMELY blessed and are so happy to have him in our lives. He is a big and growing baby (12lbs 6oz on Monday 11/8 at a follow up appt). He is starting to smile, for real not just gas and coo just a little. He doesn't have much time for either of those things since he crys ALOT:-) He looks around and is starting to take in his surroundings and reacts well to our voices. He follows objects with his eyes and grasps thing tightly in his chubby little hands, usually my hair when he is screaming and flailing around.

Colt is a colicky, acid-reflux, high maintenance baby, who is so stinkin cute. We are working with the doctor on meds for the acid-reflux and (fingers crossed) it seems to have lessened the colic. So maybe it wasn't really colic and just gas and indigestion. Either way, it has been a LONG 5 1/2 weeks.

When you are a nursing Mom, you struggle with whether they are getting enough to eat (his weight proves he is) but also whether they are satisfied with what they are getting from you. We supplemented at the hospital before my milk came in since the colustrum was not cutting it for this big boy. I have tried supplementing a couple times since we came with disaterous results. The last time we ended up having to admit Colt to the hospital for two days since we couldn't stop the puking initially.

He is fine and they tested him for everything under the sun and it was all negative. As Jeff put it "we have to paranoid parents and a pukey baby!!" HA~ The doctors were concerned about it being several other reasons, but everything proved to be negative. YEA.

We are still operating on little sleep and a fussy baby, but we are working are way through it and hopefully we all we be one happy and rested family.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Session

Go check out this site for Colt's pictures. She did such an AWESOME job.
Thank you Kim.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Colt's Birth Story

A VERRRY long post~

I thought this should get written down before I forget anymore of the details than have already been lost. I think after a certain period of time you only remember the good stuff with the sweet nothings, but that might not be a bad thing.

We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 6am Friday, October 1st for our 8 am C-Section. My parents got into town Tuesday evening and planned on following us there just in case they took me in earlier than 8am. Of course, Thursday night I was running around finishing up last minute things that I just felt needed to be done. Our bag was packed, cameras charged and everything set up to get ready the next morning. I went to bed around 10pm, anxious and excited.

Around 11:45pm I was woken by a sharp pain, not a contraction just a sharp pain. After getting up and using the restroom I tried a different position to go back to sleep. Within minutes another sharp pain with me trying to scoot off the bed and my water broke. Since I couldn't get comfortable by myself in bed, the hubby was sleeping upstairs in an extra bedroom, so I called him on his cell phone. LOL!!! I really thought he was going to hurt himself running down the stairs so quickly.

He brought me the phone and I called the hospital to "confirm" my water broke. TMI warning- there was some pinkish red blood so I was very nervous, but remembered reading somewhere that was normal. Of course, they said it all sounded normal, but to head to the hospital. Within minutes, contractions started and they were strong. No easing you into labor after your water breaks. Everybody got themselves dressed and ready and we headed out. I was of course disappointed with no shower, no makeup, no looking cute for this delivery as I had planned. There was barely enough time for me to wash my face and brush my teeth, let alone get clothes on. There were no pictures in the same location as there were with Walker's delivery, everybody smiling and getting ready to go to the hospital. There was alot of anxiety and nervousness this was not what was planned, or at least our plan. God and Colt had their own plan, October 1st was to be his birthday regardless of what was scheduled.

We arrived at the hospital around 12:45-1:00am and it was confirmed that my water did break and we were in labor, but although contractions were strong and regular about 5-6 minutes apart I was not dialated. They offered me meds to slow/stop my contractions and ease the pain so we could wait for my scheduled c-section time and my favorite doctor to arrive. Of course, I accepted.

This worked until around 5-5:30 am, when nothing seemed to stopped the contractions or the pain. The were increasing in strength and coming closer together. They ended up being 2-3 minutes apart and lasting over a minute long, it seemed like they were back to back. The on-call doctor was called again and she was going to start heading to the hospital, my original doctor was being tracked down.

They offered me an epidural somewhere around 6:30ish, by this time I had forgotten to pay attention to the clock and was just trying to get through the contractions. I had alot of concerns and questions as to getting an epidural instead of waiting for the spinal. After many questions, which must have seemed silly to the anesthesiologist, I begged for the epidural. WOW - what a difference that made- whew!!!

I give credit to ALL women who labor and give birth without an epidural, holy cow you are amazing women.

Finally, both doctors showed up and got the show on the road, we were wheeled into the operating room around 7:30ish (again not watching the clock) and Colton Jeffrey was born at exactly 8am. He started screaming from the minute his head was outside my womb, what a glorious sound it was. He had a healthy set of lungs on him, God had blessed him with sound!!!

My first view of my son...
Can you hear those lungs working?

Oh those cheeks~
Mommy and Colt

Our beautiful sweet baby boy, he is truly heaven sent.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Quick Update

Things are going well here, tired but that is to be expected. Colt still has his days and nights mixed up, but sleeps about 3 hours at a time so we get a small amount of rest.
He is so sweet and precious. We are so blessed, God has granted us a wonderful opportunity to parents again.
Here he is coming home from the hospital. It is a little washed out since I couldn't get the flash to turn off.
More pictures to come, when I get around to downloading them from the camera.

Monday, October 4, 2010

He is Here!!!


Colton Jeffrey
8lbs 12 oz. 20 in.
Friday, October 1 8:00AM

We are in LOVE~

Will post details later.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

38 Weeks

6 Days Left and we get to meet our little man or big man. We will see soon.

It doesn't look like I have gotten any bigger, although I feel like I have doubled in size.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Colt's Baby Shower

This post is very delayed, but that is how things seem to be going around here. I have great intentions, get the pictures downloaded and form the post in my head. It just never seems to make it on to the actual site. Our dear friends Jason and Wendy are also having another little boy. Our friends had a dual shower for Colt and Luke on August 8th.  Luke was scheduled to arrive via c-section on September 13th but decided to come a week early. Luke was born 9-13 at 6lbs 13 oz, almost 2 lbs bigger than his brother Sam. He is adorable and everybody is doing great.

                                                                 Colt and Luke's yummy cake

                                                          All the generous gifts for the boys.
An awesome piece of art for Colt's room. This was made for Colt by a childhood friends, daughter.
When I finally get around to posting pictures of the nursery, you will see how well it works in his room.

I cannot believe that I posted this picture. One I am huge, but this dress makes me look even bigger!!! Wendy was due 2 1/2 weeks before me!!! If her little one was 6lbs 13oz, what will my bruiser be???
Wendy and me with our wonderful hostesses!!

 It was a great day to celebrate with friends the upcoming birth of our beautiful boys. Everybody was very generous and thoughful. We greatly appreciated everything.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

34 Weeks

34 weeks - 5 more to go~

Doc decided he needed to be in this picture too.

This picture was taken at 29 weeks, not exact pose or location, do I look like I have gotten bigger? It looks like he is just more out front now.

I tried forever to get them side by side, but I am no computer genius and I am tired. Have a great week everybody. Pictures from my shower coming soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Colton at 33 weeks and 3 days

So I said I was going to be better about updating, but that has not happened. Things have been a whirlwind since my birthday and we have not stopped long enough for me to put any thoughts together. The pictures don't require alot of words except tooo cute!! He is measuring 6lbs already so it will be interesting to see how much bigger this boy will get in the next 5 weeks and 3 days.
We will meet him on October 1st at 8am.

Yes, that is his foot in his face. No wonder I am so uncomfortable, he is bent in half.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

WOW! What a week~

On July 20th, I turned the big 4-0!! Amazing how much harder it was to get out of bed that day~
Jeff had to be out of town for work so some wonderful friends went to dinner with me-sushi and showered me with attention and generous gifts. We had a great night socializing and laughing.

On Thursday things went along as a normal workday and Jeff called to see if we wanted to go to an early dinner with friends. It was a little early for me to leave work, but I did and headed home. Walking into the bedroom to change my clothes, I heard a psst from the guest room across the hall and there were my three roomies from college to surprise me!!! YEA~ It was awesome.

I had my gestational diabetes test Friday morning (and passed by the way) and then hung out in the  pool ALL day. They wanted sushi so back we went to the same restaurant.
As I turned down my street after dinner it was lined with cars, balloons on the mailbox- SURPRISE. A surprise party!

It was an amazing way to end my birthday week.

Here we all are 20 years later still as close as ever:

this is one of my favorite pictures to date, I have to play with it on my new Photoshop software and have it framed.
Who knows what we are laughing about, I am sure some comment about my huge stomach.

Us before dinner...

the boys after long days of keeping secrets and lots of people in the house
And finally a 29 week belly shot. Hard to believe I have 10 more weeks until my c-section to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

It was such an awesome weekend.
Thank you to my wonderful husband and my great friends for making my 40th birthday memorable.

Love to you all~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

27 Weeks and Projects

This is the deceiving pregnancy picture. You can hardly tell how pregnant I am and it makes you wonder why people ask if I am getting ready to deliver OR how many I have in there.

But then I realized that I really look like this to them:

Oh and I have 13 weeks to go, how embarrassed they get when I have to tell them that. Of course, I try to make them feel much better about their lack of knowledge of how big I actually get when pregnant.

There is this awesome blog, with this awesome artist that is really behind and not taking any orders for artwork. What she did do is some tutorials on how she paints and some advice for complete novices, like myself. So .....I decided to try my hand at some artwork for Colt's room.

I took the colors and the stripes from the bedding and tried my hand at the circles she demonstrated. Believe me it is by far not perfect and there is no way I could charge anybody for my work. But I am proud of myself and happy that I made something for his room. Don't come over and look closely at it though.

Now when we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago I could not decide what type of lighting I wanted over the island. We bought some pendant lights that match our dining room light a couple years ago. Since it is my birthday month (and a big birthday it is) I get alot of projects done from the hubby. So here is his 4th of July project.....

Love them!!! They look better than I could have imagined.

I have about 5-6 other projects that are in various stages of completion. Obviously, my goal is to have them all done by the middle of September.
Hopefully, I will be a better blogger soon too.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A real post coming soon

WOW!! I am a slack blogger:-)

Things have been very busy for the last month and look like it is going to continue until the baby comes. I have some pictures and updates that have been downloaded and I will post soon.

Sorry I haven't given you much lately.

Have a great week.

Friday, June 25, 2010

25 weeks 5 days old

Baby boy C is growing as he should and so is mama. We both checked out perfectly.