Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Sorry about the bad image, not sure how to increase the size without making it blurry. Leaving for the possibly snowy north for 10 days. Leaving the husband with the high maintenance pooch. Made dinners for 10 days with two homemade apples pies. He should be full and happy.
Hopefully, he will miss me too!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My class was awesome!! Very informative and hopefully some of what I heard will have sunk in and will be able to use when needed.

Jarrad Lister Photography is who hosted our class and shared all of his secrets of success with us. I met some really great people and hope to stay in touch with them. There was a wide range of experience and cameras. It was great to here other advice and questions from fellow up and coming photographers.

Well having this lady as your model for the day wasn't difficult. She is beautiful and made our pictures look great even if they weren't. Amanda Pennekamp Bluestein was Miss South Carolina 2004 and 1st runner up at Miss USA 2004. She was so nice and personable. She was gracious and kind, she stood for hours and let us all get in her face. Isn't she beautiful??

After my class, I went to a friends house and got the chance to photograph Doc's brother. It is amazing that dogs can look so much like their siblings and parents. CRAZY!!
Meet McCray.....

oh and his little friend Toby.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frame of Mind

Here is the frame of mind I have been in. This camera demands all of your attention. Believe me you have to read the manual on this one. It has been a little overwhelming but exciting trying to figure it all out. It is a Canon 50D and it is a great camera. Maybe a little more than I need at this point, but hopefully I will have it mastered.

Espically after next Saturday when this courageous professional photographer offers to teach us subpar photo experts what the heck to do with these cameras we bought. You know we all want to capture that picture that puts us in the history books:-)
Here is my model. He is so patient and willing to please. He doesnt care what the photo actually looks like just that I am paying attention to just him. He doesnt mind that he gets pushed and pulled around the yard as long as it means I am touching him and he isnt far from me at any given point. He loves me regardless.

Oh yea and the tire in his mouth, he loves that too. Of course, he is a Lab and has to have something in his mouth at all times.

Here, well he is over being the model. He has dropped the toy and just wants to go inside. He was playing hard to get. Pretending that if he doesnt look directly at me I will get the point and let him go.

You were the best model Doc. Just wait until I really learn how to use this camera you want to eat, you will be printed and posted all over the house!!