Saturday, September 25, 2010

38 Weeks

6 Days Left and we get to meet our little man or big man. We will see soon.

It doesn't look like I have gotten any bigger, although I feel like I have doubled in size.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Colt's Baby Shower

This post is very delayed, but that is how things seem to be going around here. I have great intentions, get the pictures downloaded and form the post in my head. It just never seems to make it on to the actual site. Our dear friends Jason and Wendy are also having another little boy. Our friends had a dual shower for Colt and Luke on August 8th.  Luke was scheduled to arrive via c-section on September 13th but decided to come a week early. Luke was born 9-13 at 6lbs 13 oz, almost 2 lbs bigger than his brother Sam. He is adorable and everybody is doing great.

                                                                 Colt and Luke's yummy cake

                                                          All the generous gifts for the boys.
An awesome piece of art for Colt's room. This was made for Colt by a childhood friends, daughter.
When I finally get around to posting pictures of the nursery, you will see how well it works in his room.

I cannot believe that I posted this picture. One I am huge, but this dress makes me look even bigger!!! Wendy was due 2 1/2 weeks before me!!! If her little one was 6lbs 13oz, what will my bruiser be???
Wendy and me with our wonderful hostesses!!

 It was a great day to celebrate with friends the upcoming birth of our beautiful boys. Everybody was very generous and thoughful. We greatly appreciated everything.