Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Different Kind of Pain

We have talked about getting tattoo's in honor/memory of Walker. First we waited until we designed or found the perfect one that meant something to each of us. It seemed like it took us forever to really find one that fit each of us perfectly. I have to give Jennifer Nettles credit for mine, but of course I adapted it to fit me by adding the W in the center.

So Jeff designed his and the artist helped him tweek it some. It looks perfect!! You may have to turn your head to the side so you can get the full effect.

We love and miss you so much Walker. You will be forever etched in our hearts and now on our arms.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall means Football

This is my favorite time of the year. The cooler air, leaves changing and FOOTBALL!! I love college football. My wonderful husband prefers NFL, but either way it is that time of the year.

Here we are supporting our "home" team. Although we are there any more we try to support all teams from Michigan.

Our beloved Lions need everybody's support since they are sorely lacking in the winning category. Oh well, we still are fans!

Who is your favorite team?

Friday, September 11, 2009


Tonight I am extra tired. I finished reading a book and it hit me really hard. It was about a man engaged to a women he was "supposed" to marry. Of course he meets his soul mate and breaks off his engagement. There were fields fire (rural Kansas) and the fiancee' severely burned and the soul mate died. The fiancee' died in the hospital and was revived. Long story short while she was down, the soul mate came back in the fiancee's body when she was revived.

I didnt really do the story justice, but it touched my heart to the core. What a story! I couldnt help but think of Walker. Some days it overwhelming how much I miss him and wish that he was here living with me in some form. I completely broke down. It was uncontrolable sobbing. It must have been long overdue. Now my eyes are completely swollen and I am exhausted.

Along with this mini-breakdown, I have not been feeling well. My last IF treatment was the end of May. They take a real toll on your body and hormones,but it has been months so they should be out of my system. I have several different blood tests, but nothing seems to show up. I am tired, slight weight gain, emotional, etc. Plus, no AF for two months. Yes, I have been tested and No I am not pregnant (unfortunately) Never ever in my whole life except when I was pg with Walker have I ever missed a period. I started my period about 5-6 weeks after I had Walker and was breastfeeding. When we lost Walker and I was in serious grieving and stress I had a period. Every 28 days, always.

So there is no rhyme or reason to what is going on with me, but I don't feel good. I am going to have my thyroid tested and see what comes of that. Anybody out there had anything funky go on with their bodies??

Or am I just specially weird:-)??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Job Anyone?

I have become a victim of the economy and a poorly run bank. They closed our division down yesterday. They will layoff 12 off us at the end of the month (2 were already layed off a couple months ago).

We were a successful, money making division, but when you have bad management you have a very weak bank. It is interesting though that a new president took over and he got a $550,000 signing bonus!!! WTF???

How does that even make sense? People losing their jobs and presidents getting bonuses like that. Crazy, crazy.

So has anybody changed careers by choice or not, that LOVE what they do? I am thinking about a career change.