Monday, September 1, 2008

Mundane Monday

I love having free days off of work and when you work for a bank, you get lots of "extra" days off. I have done absolutely NOTHING this weekend. It is very unusual for me and difficult.

When I was pregnant with Walker, I went on about life as usual. This time, I am taking it a little easier. Letting myself be lazy and trying not to go crazy thinking about all the things I could/should be doing. I am not good at laying around and doing nothing. I have read 3 books this week and tons of blogs/internet sites.

I am praying for those in the most southern states, but praying that some of that rain hits us in South Carolina. We are beyond drought stages here.

I did change the look of my blog, I think the other was a little busy. Not to sure about this one either, but I do like it. I thought when I downloaded it that it should be 3 columns, but it doesn't look that way yet. I am so new to this blogging and not very computer savy on top of it. Bear with me, I am trying!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, if not I will keep searching blogger help and google.

Hope everybody else's Monday is a little more exciting. I am counting down until Wednesday for another blood level test.

Keep you posted.

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Amanda said...

Hey!! I know what you mean about needing the rain here.

To get 3 columns on your blog do a search on google for adding a 3rd column - you will actually have to do that yourself in your HTML codes and there are some good sites for instructions on how to do it.