Saturday, September 6, 2008


It has been a long few days, but we are doing well. I have tried to focus on all of the wonderful things God has given me instead of the things I am still wishing and hoping for. It is alot more rewarding. It would be alot easier to fall in the trap that I did before and ask "Why us again?" and pull away from God and His grace. I don't know that it is as easy for me as it seems to be for others to immediately fall back on Him, I do seem to fight my way thru on my own first.

Distractions?? I have searched the internet for blogs and stories of loss and recovery. I have cleaned out closets, dressers and my entire house. I have read several books and cleaned out my bookshelf. Gone riding on my husband's new motorcycle (Wild West Vigilante). I have really tried NOT shopping since we are a little tapped out right now with all the cost involved with this IVF process. What else can I do to keep my mind of the situation that I DON'T want to deal with?

Our pastor and his wife stopped by on Thursday night and helped me recognize again, that I am not being punished and that God only has love for us. Although he was unable to answer any of my questions that haunt me regularly he did remind me that God has a plan for us.

We WANT to be parents again. We PRAY that this will happen for us again. We appreciate all of the love and prayers that you have all given to us. The support that has come from everybody is truly incredible and extremely touching to both of us.

"this too shall pass..."

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