Thursday, May 26, 2011


Life is good here. Summer is here, sadly our pool is being worked on so it won't be open for another week or so. BOO since it has been in the 90's the last week.

My garden is doing very well and we will have food from it very soon. Our raspberry bushes are very small but we have gotten a few raspberries so far.

Colt is growing like a weed and is crawling, sitting, pulling up and getting into everything. We are so excited and blessed to go through all these stages with him. He is a wonderful child and he makes my heart swell everytime I look at him.

He is a big boy (close to 25lbs at 7 1/2 months old) he eats very well. I make all of his babyfood and he loves it. He has never had store bought food, ever. It might get a little tricky when we travel, but we will adapt when that happens.

I missed doing a 7 month update/post, but I will make sure I put up an 8 month post next week.

 A few pictures to tide you over!!!

I will post again soon~