Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My big boy is still not sleeping very well so neither is mommy!! We went for his 8 week checkup and he was 13lbs 12oz, 23 1/4 inches long, almost exactly the same size as his brother was at 8 weeks. I finally decided that breastfeeding wasn't working for either of us anymore, so I am pumping and supplementing with formula. Of course, with his stomach issues/milk allergies we are on the high dollar formula, but it seems to be helping. He is still eating every 3 hours and takes about 5oz +/- at each feeding. We had up his dosage of Zantac to 1.4ml 3x a day. We just have to work on the whole sleeping thing!!!
We had our first Thanksgiving together and it was pretty uneventful.
We sported our Detroit Lions jersy (they lost again) and our 1st turkey day shirt. We had a small dinner and layed low. Things are slooooowly forming a loose schedule around here. Stayed tuned.

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He's adorable! I Hope the sleep mellows out soon :)