Thursday, July 29, 2010

WOW! What a week~

On July 20th, I turned the big 4-0!! Amazing how much harder it was to get out of bed that day~
Jeff had to be out of town for work so some wonderful friends went to dinner with me-sushi and showered me with attention and generous gifts. We had a great night socializing and laughing.

On Thursday things went along as a normal workday and Jeff called to see if we wanted to go to an early dinner with friends. It was a little early for me to leave work, but I did and headed home. Walking into the bedroom to change my clothes, I heard a psst from the guest room across the hall and there were my three roomies from college to surprise me!!! YEA~ It was awesome.

I had my gestational diabetes test Friday morning (and passed by the way) and then hung out in the  pool ALL day. They wanted sushi so back we went to the same restaurant.
As I turned down my street after dinner it was lined with cars, balloons on the mailbox- SURPRISE. A surprise party!

It was an amazing way to end my birthday week.

Here we all are 20 years later still as close as ever:

this is one of my favorite pictures to date, I have to play with it on my new Photoshop software and have it framed.
Who knows what we are laughing about, I am sure some comment about my huge stomach.

Us before dinner...

the boys after long days of keeping secrets and lots of people in the house
And finally a 29 week belly shot. Hard to believe I have 10 more weeks until my c-section to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

It was such an awesome weekend.
Thank you to my wonderful husband and my great friends for making my 40th birthday memorable.

Love to you all~


k@lakly said...

Happy Birthday!!! You look just AWESOME!
What a fantastic way to spend your big 40! I hope the coming year brings even more wonderful memories and moments into your life:)
xxoo said...

Happy Birthday! Those are some great pictures! It sounds like you have some awesome friends :)