Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Time Flys

I cannot believe that Colt is almost 6 weeks old and I am pathetically lacking in computer time. Hence, the lack of posts. Although, in the middle of the night when I am holding a colicky screaming baby, I write many posts in my head. Then in the morning when I am completely sleep deprived and still have a crying screaming baby, the well edited post goes out the window. I digress....

Things have been as fulfulling and rewarding as they have been difficult and challenging. We are EXTREMELY blessed and are so happy to have him in our lives. He is a big and growing baby (12lbs 6oz on Monday 11/8 at a follow up appt). He is starting to smile, for real not just gas and coo just a little. He doesn't have much time for either of those things since he crys ALOT:-) He looks around and is starting to take in his surroundings and reacts well to our voices. He follows objects with his eyes and grasps thing tightly in his chubby little hands, usually my hair when he is screaming and flailing around.

Colt is a colicky, acid-reflux, high maintenance baby, who is so stinkin cute. We are working with the doctor on meds for the acid-reflux and (fingers crossed) it seems to have lessened the colic. So maybe it wasn't really colic and just gas and indigestion. Either way, it has been a LONG 5 1/2 weeks.

When you are a nursing Mom, you struggle with whether they are getting enough to eat (his weight proves he is) but also whether they are satisfied with what they are getting from you. We supplemented at the hospital before my milk came in since the colustrum was not cutting it for this big boy. I have tried supplementing a couple times since we came with disaterous results. The last time we ended up having to admit Colt to the hospital for two days since we couldn't stop the puking initially.

He is fine and they tested him for everything under the sun and it was all negative. As Jeff put it "we have to paranoid parents and a pukey baby!!" HA~ The doctors were concerned about it being several other reasons, but everything proved to be negative. YEA.

We are still operating on little sleep and a fussy baby, but we are working are way through it and hopefully we all we be one happy and rested family.

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I hope the next six weeks are easier on all of you and that you start to catch up on some sleep :)