Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kitchen Help

So we remodeled our kitchen last December. These are the pictures we took the day it was finished. Before we moved everything back in and replaced that horrible window. My need is tile backsplash. The granite is called Labrodrite Green Light. It appears more grey in these pictures than it is. Below is a picture of our island and the closest picture of the granite.

This is our wet bar, we removed the breakfast area and made the island 5X9 for eating and entertaining. Our dining room is about 10 steps to the right, no sense in having two tables that close together. Yes, it is huge. We LOVE it though. We never thought to reinforce the floor in the basement for this 1,000 lb slab. Yes, 1000 pounds of granite right there in the center of the kitchen.
This is the view coming in from the garage door. I want tile on the wet bar too.

I would love a design of some sort right above the stove. My favorite thing about my new kitchen. It is a large area, the stove is 48 inches. Do I pick a small design and center it in the area or a larger more rectangle one?

Standing in the dining room looking into the kitchen.

It took me forever to design this kitchen. I have no decorating sense at all. If it does obviously go together, I don't think about it. PLEASE help.
Ideas, pictures, insert of ideas from other kitches. I really, really need the help. Not only do I need help with design ideas, but the color to use. The green is a really unique color and I am afraid the typical tan/brown will look awful.
Honestly, you would be shocked at the kitchen before, it really need the makeover. At least, that is what I kept telling my husband when we started the project.


Alicia said...

Here are ideas for kitchen tile mural installations , tips on framing the tiles and using field tiles to coordinate with the mural.. Considering the use of found vintage labels and a great way to showcase retro art.

Mom on a coulee said...

I am getting read to tile my kitchen backsplash too, that is if the cabinets ever get put in. I am considering glass tile inlaid in regular tile. I did my shower and bath already, you can see them on my blog I'm thinking a little color that blends with the counter tops and then a neutral surrounding it. We went with concrete countertops which we are doing ourselves and we aren't finished yet. Great kitchen I love it.