Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please Pray!!

Our friend, Wendy (yes, who I had the shower for) has been put into the hospital tonight. She is 36 1/2 weeks and has high protein in her urine and high blood pressure. She has preeclampsia, do you have or are you in? Either way, both appear to be healthy and the doctors state they have her in for 24 hour observation.

From what I have read and talked to other people who have had these issues, she will probably be induced this weekend. Sunday she will be 37 weeks, so it is in the safe delivery zone.

Please pray that everything stays calm and there are no problems with baby Sam or mama Wendy.

Thank you.


beast's bits said...

praying! will you keep me posted, please?

Dani said...

I am Praying!! I hope everything turns out okay. Let us know how it goes.