Monday, October 20, 2008

Fertile Soul

Not mine necessarily, but it is out there for all of you too. After our "chemical pregnancy" I decided I needed a much needed break. I have been on some type of drug for almost two years. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually broken. What was needed was some healing from the inside out.

As many of you, it seems like I have read every fertility site out there just to find another one. Well that is how it happened. Check out The Fertile Soul , it combines alot of Eastern medicine with Western medicine. I have read her book "The Infertility Cure" and where is does not give you a cure, it really gives some points to ponder.

While searching thru the website I found an acupunturist in my city and have been going for four weeks now. I am back to doing BBT charts for her review and changing my habits drastically. No caffeine, no alochol, all drinks at room temp or warmer, no sugar, no wheat, no pasta, no dairy. Hmm, doesn't leave much left in my normal diet. It has been told to me by the 3rd acupunturist that I have a blood defiency. How do they determine that you ask?? By looking at my tongue.

Yep, my days of donating blood every 45 days has ended and I am trying to eat alot more green leafy vegetables that help produce blood. Brussel sprouts, kale, swiss chard, etc. It is working out ok, but dairy, sugar, pasta...HELP ME!! I am not even supposed to drink de-caf coffee. She says the process that the beans go thru to be de-caffeniated make it bad for you.

Three months, three long months. I haven't gone cold turkey on anything but the caffeine and mostly the alochol. She said as long as I was 80/20 she could live with that, so that is my goal. Give it up 80% of the time.

She hasn't given me a "diaganosis" yet, but continues to treat me for blood issues and emotionally issues. She said she feels alot of my infertility has to do with the loss of Walker and how it has deeply affected my core. Hmmm, I guess that wasn't to hard to figure. Oh well, I really like her and she is very calming and soothing. I on the other hand talk to loud when I am there, probably disturbing her other patients and get side tracked talking about who knows what, but she laughs and tells me I make her day brigher. Do I hear discount??

I am fixing the inside first, my heart, my head, the Holy Spirit living in me. Hopefully, the rest of my body will follow the lead.

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A Little Bit Zany said...

Thanks, today I was short with my children, even irritated. How shameful of me. I read through most of your blog. Tomorrow I will do better because of you, and for that my children will be blessed because of you. Thank you for your story, your blog. May God fill you house with more joy, happiness, love, giggles and memories than you could EVER possibly imagine.