Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Shower

Well today I hosted a baby shower at my home (with the help of few other people)! Yes, a baby shower. Our dear friends who are very important to us are having their first baby, Samuel Thomas. He is due to enter this world on December 7th and they are very excited.

His mommy gave me plenty of opportunity to back out if I felt it would be to difficult for me emotionally. Yes, she is one of the most gracious generous loving people you will ever meet. I stood firm and said it we all be fine.

As the time has passed I was getting a tad bit anxious of how exactly I would feel, how would I react to all those diapers, small baby boy outfits and lots blue everywhere. Would I be a complete wreck and ruin it for her? Would I be on the verge of a breakdown every time somebody looked at me? Should I really do this, I want it to be perfect for HER, I did not want it to be about me.

Well, I am happy to announce that I changed my way of thinking days before the shower. This is NOT about me, it IS about her and Sam (and hubby of course) and things will go perfectly.

She had a baby shower for me when I was pregnant with Walker. She was the only one besides my husband and parents that watched Walker when I needed to go somewhere. They are also the same people who opened their home to all of our family and friends when we lost Walker. We had at least 10 people staying in their home on that horrible weekend, since I was unable to come back to our house for almost two weeks after it happened. This was so small on the scale of things I could do for them. They mean the world to us as friends, they are our family.

We had a wonderul day. The weather was cool, but the sun was out and the Fall colors were starting to show everywhere. We had a great brunch and great company. There were great gifts and lots of advice for the new mommy! I hope she enjoyed her day, I hope that it meant as much to her as all of the things she has done for me. I hope she felt the day was all about her and her new family.

Lots of love to Jason, Wendy and Sam.


beast's bits said...

soooo glad to hear that it went well! my prayers for you on this day were answered.

Danielle said...

You are such a great friend to do that for her. Isn't God good when he shows up like that and just blesses us with people that love us and encourages us. I am praying for you and just wanted you to know that! :)

Love and Prayers, Dani

The Baby Makes 4 said...

Hello. I just found your blog on Bring the Rain. I am writing to tell you that I think that many SIDS cases are vaccine related. Have you visited It has testimony of other parents who have suffered loss and contribute it to vaccine toxins, etc.

I am so sorry for your loss. I am passionate in my heart about this "link" because I don't want another baby to die due to vaccines.

P.S. Don't tell anyone, but I feel like it is a possibility that Angie Smith's nephew, Luke, died from vaccines...I don't even know if he was vaccinated, but he did die at ten weeks of age, which was only a week or two after his two month shots. This thought is horrible, but it does not escape my mind.

Sorry to blabber on at you. I have just never met someone who made a comment like this. I know others who link vaccines to personal harm, but no one to link it to SIDS.

Good night,


Shannon said...

Hello. My name is Shannon and I got to your blog from Angie's blog and wanted to share a little with you about my life. I had a baby boy, Samuel, who was stillborn at 37 weeks when his cord wrapped around his neck and arm in the womb. After his death, my husband and I went through secondary infertility for five years. During this time, we quit "trying" and decided to adopt from Child Protective Services. God blessed us with a sweet baby girl, Marymae, through adoption. About two years later, God blessed us with a pregnancy--a healthy pregnancy that went to term and we have a baby boy, Benjamin. Infertility is a beast and the doctors and the medicines and the charting are all so hard, but God is good and He will work everything together for good. I think we went through infertility because of our loss of Samuel. I think Walker's death has done the same to you. As mom's, the death of our children alters our lives down to the very core of what makes us able to become pregnant. Keep the faith. God is listening.

kjames106 said...

I'm glad that it went so well.

When you bless others like this, it surely will be returned to you 10 fold.

What a beautiful friend you are. I know that must have been hard, but you had a great attitude.

I pray God's blessings shower on your like a rain.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Yeah!! That's awesome.