Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Four Months

Today you are four months old.

You have gained so many new skills and "talk" while we play.
Look at that drool, it soaks whatever you are wearing.
It soaks us when we are holding you.
Teeth coming???

You love hanging out in your room playing with your Daddy and your toys.
Look how well you are holding that toy by yourself.

You are not always so serious, you usually smile and give me the most awesome love when you see me.
You get distracted when you see any type of camera.

Those eyes, I could just melt in them.
It is like you already have a whole slew of stories behind them.
I am sure you are plotting with your Daddy on all the tricks you will play on me.

Those cheeks....
You are such a big boy.
You are eating veggies like a champ.
You love squash and sweet pototoes, not sure about green beans yet.
You love to "hold" your bottle, when it gets close to empty you can handle by yourself.

The outfit you are wearing is 9 months!!!
I am guessing you are around 19lbs and 26 1/2 or 3/4 inches.
Size 3 diaper.
Oh and the rolls, plenty of those.
That hair, did you work on it all day?
You are a solid boy, a little unit (taken from Aunt Kathi)
Sitting up pretty well, when you are supported.

You are very ticklish and laugh out loud.
You are on a pretty good schedule and as long as it isn't time to eat or bed time you are pretty happy.
How happy we are because of that, it was a long time coming.

You have discovered your hands and usually have them in your mouth.
You are doing well picking things up, but don't have alot of control over them.
You are so strong, almost rolling over.

I think we will be seeing alot of that face!!!
So alert and interested in everything around you.
Look at that strong neck!!

I love to hold and cuddle you now that you don't scream all the time. Unfortunately, you  are not really that interested in being held anymore. We rock you some at night, but you are doing well going to  bed sleepy, but awake.
You move all over your crib so we are having to move you a couple times a night. You like to get yourself crammed up against the side.
We are doing okay sleeping through the night, but still have some nights it doesn't go very well.
We rotate you through all your toys because you get bored after awhile.
The jumper is the next toy that I think you will enjoy.

Happy 4 Months beautiful boy, we love you.