Saturday, January 29, 2011

17 Weeks

Seventeen weeks is such a significant milestone for us, we lost Walker when he was 17 weeks exactly. Whether we admitted it outloud or even recognized it, I think we were holding our breath until this point. We are one day past 17 weeks and would love to say we are relaxed about it all. We aren't, we probably will never be relaxed, but it is almost like a completely new adventure. We have raised two children upto 17 weeks old, now it is all new from this point on, like "new" parents.

I am constantly reminded of Walker when caring for Colton, but also recognize that Colt is his own person. We talk to him about his big brother and he smiles at Walker's pictures on the wall. This is the easy stage to talk to  him about his brother in heaven. When he is old enough to actually process it and ask questions that will be the hard part. For now, we just go with the flow.

We love both of our boys and wish every day we were raising them together. Colt will always know he had a special big brother and a guardian angel.

Seventeen weeks is a huge milestone and we are looking forward to many more happy milestones.


Lee-Ellen said...

It seems like time has flown Dani! Colt is an absolutely beautiful baby!

Romlove said...

what a wonderful baby. Those eyes will only see the wonderful things in this world. Your baby ll walk graciously with God in this world