Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Five Months

Today you are FIVE months  old.
How is that even possible?
Time has flown by.
You are an incredible little boy.
Little is relative~
I am guessing you are around 22 lbs and growing fast.

You are on a good schedule and are pretty happy most of the day.
You always have a smile for us and laugh a good belly laugh at alot of things
You have to wear a bib all the time and sometimes it is soaked along with your shirt.
You pick up your toys and are able to play with them now.
You sit pretty well supported and scoot around everywhere.

You love your jumper and exersaucer.
You LOVE your dog and stare at him all day.
You have tried all sorts of foods and loved them all.
You have a bottle at 8am, noon, 4pm and 7:30pm~8 oz each
You eat food at 11am and 6pm~2-2 1/2 oz with 2T oatmeal cereal

 You love people, but don't show them.
You study them without giving them much back.
You are good in the car, but let us know when it is time to go home.

We still love those chubby cheeks and beautiful blue eyes.
You have plenty of rolls and rubberband marks.
You always have something in your mouth.
We are watching closely for a tooth.

We love you so much and are excited everytime you do something new.