Monday, November 16, 2009

Too busy?

Ok so unemployment is busy! I cannot believe how much I have neglected my blog. I still keep up with all the other blogs I read and start forming a post in my mind, but I get sidetracked. I think I have caught ADD from my wonderful husband. Speaking of husband, I neglected to wish him a "Happy Anniversary" here on my blog, November 8 we celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss. Of course, if you had asked him how many years it was have probably been a much higher number, but he does have a tendency of exaggration:-)

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in the South, mid to high 70's. It is really hard to believe that it is the middle of November. I have not spent as much time outside as I would like, but I am trying to work on my "to do list" in case I have to go back to work soon. It appears that may be the case.

We celebrated Sam's 1st birthday yesterday. It was an absolutely perfect day, weather and celebration. Although, it was bittersweet for my personal since we never got the opportunity to have a one year birthday party for Walker. It was so wonderful to see our friends have permanent smiles on their faces as they helped their son enjoy his first birthday party.

I have been practicing with my new camera and realize that I have a long, long way to go before I could ever charge anybody for my services. Our teacher was amazing and so is his work. He was so generous to share his secrets and all the other things it took him years to perfect. Thank you Jarrad.

I will post some pictures that I took recently, you can be my judge!!

Thanks for checking in to still see if I was here, I will be better I promise.

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