Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am Back

My trip home was great. I was homesick (for hubby and pooch), but my trip seemed to fly by. I crammed in two Northern Michigan wine tastings. I have determined that I like white wine that is made in stainless steel barrels instead of oak barrels better. The main objective of my trip was to help my friend, Kari, organize her house. She has 3 children, 6, 4 and 9 mo. WOW! I was exhausted!!! I dont think I have ever seen so many kids clothes and toys. Although, there was more I wanted to get done for her (shoulda skipped one of those wine tastings:-)) we got all three kids rooms done and a converted coat closet into a activity room for the kids.
To all of you parents, you are awesome. It is amazing the amount of energy I needed to get through the day. My quiet reserved life is so much calmer.
This is what Michigan looks like in the Fall...

I would love to take credit for the picture, but I stole it from here. She is from MI too. I learned a very valuable lesson as a new photographer. Make sure your battery is charged and/or bring your battery charger. These fancy cameras dont take just any kind of battery. I did not get many pictures. I did lug the camera and the big lens with me in my carry on. Lesson learned.

My trip there was terrible. I have always hated Delta airlines and was very disappointed that Northwest merged with them. After sitting on the plane for about 3 hours they cancelled our flight due to "weather". Interesting the next flight left an hour later for the same destination with no delays. This was after we were in line on the tarmac to take off and had to return to the gate because our flight crew would be over their 14 hours by the time we reached our destination. I couldnt get on a flight until the next day and they wouldnt give me a seat. I decided to rent a car with a fellow passenger and drive the 4 hours north from Detroit. It was miserable, but I arrived safely. I will be writing a letter to Delta requesting reimbursement for my flight since the flight crew delayed and ultimately cancelled out flight since I guess they don't know how to read the clock BEFORE they pushed away from the gate.

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