Thursday, September 3, 2009

Job Anyone?

I have become a victim of the economy and a poorly run bank. They closed our division down yesterday. They will layoff 12 off us at the end of the month (2 were already layed off a couple months ago).

We were a successful, money making division, but when you have bad management you have a very weak bank. It is interesting though that a new president took over and he got a $550,000 signing bonus!!! WTF???

How does that even make sense? People losing their jobs and presidents getting bonuses like that. Crazy, crazy.

So has anybody changed careers by choice or not, that LOVE what they do? I am thinking about a career change.


Kelley Smith Style said...

are you definitely being laid off? what would be your dream job?

Lee-Ellen said...

i am so sorry! we had heard the rumor last week but i was praying it wasn't true.