Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I think it is for Real

I am still being a little quiet because quite honestly this pregnancy still is pretty surreal to me. We are super excited, but we keep saying "we are having a baby" to each other. It seems almost like a cautious statement or a nervous question.

We are 12 1/2 weeks and I am still pretty sick. "Morning" sickness is basically all day, but with the help of one sometimes two Zofran we are making it through. To say I am happy about being sick is not entirely true, but it helps me know that I am still pregnant and things are going to be okay.

I am very disappointed in maternity clothes this year. I thought it would be so easy for warm weather to wear cute skirts and tanks or summer dresses. The selection of cute affordable clothes in my area is a little lacking. I did buy a whole lot of PG clothes off ebay and while I was happy with them, I still feel sad there isn't what I envisioned out there.

I needed to pay attention years ago to my Mom, who is a wonderful seamstress, when she tried to teach me to sew. While I can now "sew", a seamstress I am not. How hard can a sundress that doesn't really need to fit be to make?? I may try my hand at that soon, we will see.

2 comments: said...

I could never find CUTE CUTE maternity clothes while I needed them, only after I no longer needed them. I don't know.

WOOOT for the 2nd trimester!!

k@lakly said...

I was shocked to find that JC Penny(do you have them there or if not they are online too) had some pretty cute, affordable things. I couldn't bear going into the traditional pg clothes store after losing Caleb so my mom did a lot of my shopping for me but, since JC Penny was a 'regular' store, I did pop in there a few times to pick some things up.
I hope the m/s gets better. I never really had it but have heard it is miserable.

And yes, YAY for the second trimester!!