Tuesday, May 11, 2010

18 wks, Mice and How not to get paint in your eye!

Where do I even start with a title like that?? I was not going to post this picture for several reasons, no makeup (paint in the eye story to come) and my outfit. We were working outside and it was hot. Jeff took a picture with my shirt down and said you couldn't tell the size of my stomach. So the picture with it folded up. It reminds me of the 1/2 shirts that were worn in the 80's, can't believe those went out of style.

I decided last summer to make curtains for one end of our screened porch, but did not want to pay for a curtain rod. So I decided to try the pvc rod approach. We ended up having to buy several wooden dowels since the span was fairly long and it bowed some in the center. I spray painted the pvc pipe but it had worn off  in several spots. So I got out the can and decided to cover up the spots before I rehung the curtains this year.
Well the paint would not come out. I noticed the hole was clogged up and started to pick out the gunk. Well, enough must have gotten cleared away from the hole and with the backed up pressure from trying to spray previously, I got an eye-ful of spray paint!! WOW did that hurt-oooheee. I went yelling into the house as Jeff is trying to drown me with the water nozzle. Finally when I came up for air and he realized I was ok, he started laughing at me. Of course I knew I must look amazing.
Wet head, no makeup and an eye that resembled Spot the dog. After much damage to the tender skin around my eye (so much for preventing wrinkles around the eye) I did finally get all the paint off.
Word to the wise, don't clear the clogged spray paint while pointing it at your face!!!
Another whole topic is mice. I am COMPLETELY terrified of them. I have never seen one in anyplace that I have ever lived until moving into Jeff's house. Needless to say I stood on the arm of the couch for over 2 hours until somebody finally came over with traps. We solved the problem at that house, but moved. We have never had an issue at our current house and we have lived there for 4+ years now. Until recently.
I have been woken up around 4am to what sounds like somebody drilling through my ceiling directly above my bed!!! It was sooo loud, I surely thought it was a giant squirrel. Jeff assured me it was just a field mouse!! WHAT?!?!?!!?
How the heck has a mouse gotten in our attic after 4 years?
It was captured and I finally relaxed until two night ago. The noise is back, but in a different area of the ceiling.
What in the world is going on??? So back are the traps with a few more for added protection (mine of course, not the mouse). We (Jeff, because I refuse to go look) cannot figure out where they are squeezing their little bodies into our attic or what the sudden draw is.
It will be resolved, even if I have to have 1/2 the house torn down and rebuilt to ensure it is all sealed properly.

Happy Tuesday~

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