Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We are having a .......

Another baby boy!!!

Sorry that it took me so long to update you all!!!!!! I hope none of you were worried, because I know I have been after reading blogs then waiting, waiting and waiting.
Everything was perfect, his heartbeat was 145 and all his parts seemed to be there.
This was an extra ultrasound, since I have had so many issues and I have been quite uneasy.
We go for the big 20 week ultrasound in 4 weeks.
Now, the hard part (well after actually getting pregnant again) is deciding on a name.


Anonymous said...

congratulations dani! i'm so excited for you!!!

k@lakly said...

Big exhale from over here. I am a worrier by nature so I've been stalking you like a crazy lady.
Yay!!! for a healthy baby boy.
Not sure about first names but do you think you will maybe use Walker as a middle name or would that be too hard?
So happy for you Dani. This is just awesome.

Dani said...

I have been a stalker before in the same situation. I am so sorry I put you guys thru that.
We have thought about using Walker as the middle name, but worried about the pressure it will put on this new child.
That may be alot to live up to or a big shadow to live under???

k@lakly said...

My husband wanted to name Cason, if he was a boy, (we didn't find out before) Caleb, if you can believe that! He loved the name and was seriously thinking there wouldn't be any 'issues' if we 'used' it again. OMG! After thinking about a bit and no doubt seeing the look on my face when he said it, he reconsidered.
I also thought about the middle name idea but then just as you wrote, felt it might be too much to weigh on the next baby. Then I played around with names that used the same letters or had all of the smae letters in them. I found one I loved, Campbell, which my husband vetoed b/c he's a chef and he didn't want to name a child after a food product...weirdo.
Anyway, we ended up not doing any legacy naming for your same reasoning, and decided each boy should have his own identity. But I love the idea of it.

Kelley Smith Style said...

i love the idea of walker as a middle name. i have a friend who lost a child (in utero) and used his first name as her next son's middle name. a bit different scenario for you, i know. i think it'd be a cool story to tell your 2nd son the history behind his middle name. very sweet. just my two cents....since you asked:)