Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vaccine Awareness

Most of you know that we are against vaccines. We have documented proof that Walker died from his 4 month vaccinations. It is "nice" to know what really happened, but disheartening to know that we could have prevented his death. My baby could be with me now!!!

Whether to vaccinate your child is 100% a personal decision. What I am hoping is that everybody really does their research on the damage that can come from these shots.

Do you know how many shots you received when you were a child? Now they get 48 doses of 14 different vaccines before the age of 6!!! (
Here is a sample of a shot schedule from 1970 (the year I was born): 14 shots total

JUN 1971 - DPT
AUG 1971- DPT
SEPT 1971 - DPT
OCT 1971 - MUMPS
OCT 1979 - DTB
JULY 1982 - TBMV

Of course this is a sample and not my shot record, but I am sure mine is very similiar. (mom?) I potentially had 14 shots between birth and 12 years of age, today they want kids to have 48 before the age of 6!!!!

Please, please do your research. This is an interesting site to check out -

You don't have to agree with me or follow what I will do, but please when making your decision know that you are making the most informed decision for your child and your family.


Lara said...

Very interesting stuff. The story of your little angel really haunted me at my baby's 4 month check up a few months ago. I specifically talked to my Ped about it because it just doesn't seem like it could be a coincidence. Thanks for sharing.

k@lakly said...

I think it is so sad that big business has gotten in the way of what was and should be a very important part of medicine. Vaccines are responsible for eliminating horrible diseases from our country and many others. And if not eliminating them at least reducing their numbers and severity. Think of polio and whooping cough and rubella and mumps and measels and tetnus.

Now they want to vaccinate against every single minor ailment that might someday affect a child. Think chicken pox, flu, rota-virus, Hep B and maybe one day the common cold. The studies done bfore releasing these vaccines are scant and there is virtually nothing done to study what the interaction of the multiple shots given at the same time might be.

And other factors need to be taken into account as well. With my son, because he was already presenting with pretty significant food allergies @ 4 months and I was in th process of eliminating several foods from diet to minimze his exposure to the suspectd foods, we should have only given one shot that fateful day, instead of 4 which was reduced from 6 b/c I had already stated we didn't want the rotavirus or the Hep B. His propensity for an allergic reaction was higher and we should have realized that.
I don't know the specifics of what happened with Walker and really he sounds like the true 1 in a million that could not tolerate the vaccines. I don't know how you could have done any differently with him. And that is just so tragic.
I still don't believe all vaccines are bad. But I do believe that there needs to be a whole different approach to them and that many of them should be eliminated or delayed. Just this week the rotavirus was recalled AGAIN because it was found, by an independant group to have byproducts from animals that are known to be cancer causing....awful.
Parents need better information and more choices. Absolutely.

I think about you every day and hope that this little one makes it here safely and is snuggled in your arms in no time.