Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Northern Michigan

We planned on spending the week in Michigan, but ended up coming a few days early. My dad has had a couple mini-strokes and ended up in the hospital for cartoid artery surgery. His artery was 99% blocked, thankfully they did the surgery quickly. We made it here a few hours before the surgery after driving all through the night. He came through the surgery and he is home and feeling ok. Thank goodness he had the symptoms before a major stroke happened. God was sitting on his shoulder.

We spent the weekend in Torch Lake with my roommates from college and took my niece to play with all of the kids. Torch Lake is supposed to be one of the most beautiful lake in the country. It was absolutely beautiful there.

Here are all of us girls, chillin by the water.

At the end of a beautiful day. It didnt rain where we were, but it must have rained on the other side of the lake with this beautiful rainbow.

Our last night at the campfire. It was a beautiful weekend with great friends and family. There is no place better to be in the summer than northern Michigan.

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Kelley Smith Style said...

i am not usually a lake kind of girl but, this one is GORGEOUS and clearer than any beach i've ever been to. thanks for sharing!
btw, i have a new blog. check it out.

i'm not on FB anymore. that's always subject to change, of course!