Saturday, March 14, 2009


I haven't been around much lately, but I have been thinking of you all. I have alot weighing on my mind lately. I am not ready to discuss it all out in the open yet, but I appreciate everybody praying for some peace in my mind. What has seemed to have happened is that I have been spending alot of quiet time praying. I feel lost and can't seem to find the right side of up on anything. It was so wonderful having my parents here for a few weeks, but it is always so hard when they leave. I wish it was easier to be closer to them. I am really dissatisfied and unhappy at work, but feel stuck and unmotivated to find something new. This economy has really put a damper on the environment we are used to living in. There is this pull in me to do something new, something creative but I haven't put my finger on it yet.

My dad spotted this in our neighbors tree. I cannot believe from that distance he could tell it was a groundhog, but here it is. I have never seen a live groundhog before let alone in a tree. Interesting.

My crazy dog, Doc. Since he is now the solo dog he is actually much better behaved. He doesnt feel that he has to compete with the other dogs for attention. It is really amazing that he has always been at least 1 of 2,3, or 4 dogs that he would be so jealous and competitive. He is much calmer, almost like a different dog. We had fun playing with him on the floor and snapped some funny shots. Hope you get a good laugh at our big man, doc.

He thinks he is a 110 lb lap dog. This is new behavior, wanting to climb up into our laps. One of the only traits of a lab he posseses is ALWAYS haing something in his mouth. He doesn't fetch, but he doesn't let go of anything.

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