Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gifts and Donations

Let me start by saying that I am not a good seamstress. My Mom is AWESOME, but I never wanted to learn. So a few years ago she bought me a machine and I took lessons. I will never make big bucks, but I can sew a basic straight line (as long as you don't get a ruler out:-))

I decided to make some blankets for babies/kids. The have chenille on one side and cotton on the other. The finished size is about 30 X 34, in that range. Again, not an exact science for me.

These two shown are gifts for dear friends of my who have little ones. I have lots more fabric to make additional blankets. We will see how skilled I get before I decide if I can charge for them, but for now they will be gifts. I also plan on making up a bunch and donate them to the PICU department of the hospital where Walker was. The day we lost him they wrapped him in a quilt that had been made and donated. Although we didn't take it home and didn't need to, it was alot nicer than a hospital blanket to hold him in that last time he was in my arms.

So I will make some and donate them. If they are lucky enough to get to take their babies home they can have them. If not, they will be there for the next family to use. Whatever the hospital decides the best use for them is fine for me.

I am thinking of having some tags made to sew on the blankets in memory of Walker. I dont want to put Made in Memory of Walker because I don't want other people to feel the stress of that while they are in their own situation. Any suggestions???


daniella said...

I think the blankets are quite beautiful! And such a great idea to donate to the hospital.

How about you make a tag that incorporates "To Walk With God Is Gracious", in memory of the little man? Maybe not spelling the whole thing out, but something like that.

How about "Gracious Walker"?

Anna said...

I think of you often and how you find the strength to walk this journey. How about Graciously Walking by D Smith??? Just a thought!

If you ever sell, I want to buy a few!

~* Aria *~ said...

This is a beautiful idea.

Are you familiar with Project Linus? This is exactly what they do - volunteer-made blankets distributed to hospitals for preemies, babies, and sick kids. When I was a kid I was sick a lot, and I was gifted a pillow someone made. Believe me, it made me so happy and touched my heart.

I like that you're doing this.