Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Week

Amazing that another year has almost passed us by. I keep telling myself that I have to pick myself up and live my life. Can't go back and fix anything and can't create my future. Much easier said than done though. I still get those twinges of guilt when I laugh or have fun. Just knowing my little man isn't here anymore is very sobering.
As the rest of the world prepares to enjoy the holiday season and celebrate with family, I just want to cover my head and wake up on January 1st.
We (I) have make great strides this year, put up the tree and decorated it. Put wreathes on my doors and a few scattered holiday things out around the house. Small, very small steps. No gifts and no celebrations at this point. No, I am not punishing myself, the holiday spirit is just not in me.
We may actually go and see Marley and Me at the theatre on Christmas Day. Since we also have a Marley, named Doc, we should enjoy this movie. The book was great, although sad at parts, it was still very funny.
All you crazy last minute shopping people - enjoy your last week of extreme stress. When I was a gift giver my shopping was usually done by Thanksgiving!!

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Kelley said...

if you break it down, it's not about the gifts and decorations anyway so, don't beat yourself up about those things. all it really is is about the birth of our lord and savior--that helps me put in in perspective and not give a crap about the other stuff too much.