Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry (Late) Christmas!

Christmas Day

For some reason our camera(s) is having lighting issues. We look very washed out, but here we are anyway.

We made a very bad decision on a day we are already sad and depressed. We went to see "Marley & Me". I read the book, thinking we were prepared for the parts of it that were sad, but not a chance. The movie made it much worse than I remember in the book. Although there were very funny part, they did not make up for how sad it was overall. Obviously, people had either not read the book or like me thought it would focus more on the funny stuff than the sad, but the theatre was full of children on Christmas Day. YIKES!!

This is a fair warning, don't go unless you need a seriously good crying. Jeff has walked around since and states over and over again, "that was the saddest movie ever". You have been warned.

We had a few people over for dinner, it was small and relaxing. We missed our family a great deal and wished we could have been with them. Hoping you all enjoyed your holiday.

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