Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have no idea on how to blog or if any of this will make sense to anybody. Life has been tough the last two years and I can finally think straight some days and need an outlet to vent. Sometimes it is happiness that I feel guilty having, sadness that is a normal part of my existence, anger life is so unfair, grief that is the pit of which you seem like you can never get out of or just my crazy life on a daily basis with my husband and two crazy dogs!!!

Thank you for coming and checking it out. It may not be like other blogs that you read or that I read, those people are amazing with their feelings. This is for me, I need to verbalize my loss, my struggles and know that I will be ok when it is over.

I will post later my story, the quickest version I can later. Two years of history to bring you to today may take longer than I think, but what the heck we have the time and space.

Please pray for us as our IVF is scheduled to be retrieved on Saturday!!!! We are excited thru the ups and downs to becoming parents to a child on Earth, to be a brother or sister to our heavenly angel, Walker.

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