Monday, August 25, 2008

God is Glorious

There is no way I can count the ways, there are so many. I sat in church on Sunday and prayed and promised God that I was going to make the committment to walk closer to Him. To live as a better example to His Word, to Him. I know I am going to stumble and have to continue to ask for His forgiveness, but it is my goal to have God as my leading light. The reason I make every decision.

I forwarned you that I am not a patient person. It was a question that was asked in Sunday school. Take a piece of paper, on one side write an attribute you posess and on the other, one you don't. We had to volunteer a word in class and everybody had to decide which was which. Mine were detailed and patience. hmmm, let's figure out which one is which?

So, back to patience (or lack of it) I felt awful on Friday. I was crampy and my back was killing me. I panicked. I ran to the pharmacy and bought a PG test. I know, I was only 8 days past transfer. WAY to early. I took it anyway.

A faint positive line, but it was there. I was estastic, but way nervous. Jeff was going to kill me. So I toddled home with a secret in my heart and got thru the night. I decided you were supposed to test with first morning urine so I did another one Saturday morning. Again, a faint line. I broke down and told Jeff. He was sooo mad:-) (not really)

Since I struggle with getting things through this THICK skull of mine. I took another one Sunday after church. YEA, a much stronger line. Ok, I must be pregnant. I called my favorite nurse, at home, and she was as excited as we were. I get to go in early!!!!

We get to the doctor early bird this morning, unannounced and to a shocked staff. Once they found out I cheated, well I got to get my blood drawn. They confirmed my neurotic taking of tests with their own POSITIVE test. My HCG levels are good for being to early to test and have to go back on Wednesday for a redraw!!!!!

Please continue to pray for us, we are not through this yet.


K1 said...

I concur that patience has never been a virtue of yours. Just wanted to let you know that I was here and got started reading from the beginning.You're doing a beautiful job. Even though I walked through those steps with you, it all seems surreal. While reading it all still broke my heart and excited me all at once!!

Amanda said...

I am praying for a positive for you!!!